The Science of Sentimentality: How Nostalgia Can Help Us

“I am suddenly consumed by nostalgia for the little girl who was me, who loved the fields and believed in God, who spent winter days home sick from school reading Nancy Drew and sucking menthol cough drops, who could keep a secret.” — Audrey Niffenegger

We all share a strange relationship with memory.

Bits and pieces of the past tend to float to the surface when we least expect it. Sometimes, they are unwanted reminders. Upon recognition, we immediately push those memories down again, locking the door behind them, wiping away the trace of dust left behind on our hands.

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Plan Your Next Trip with TeddyCan

teddytravelThe costs add up when dealing with any type of traveling. Planning a trip anytime soon? If so, allow for TeddyCan to put your mind and wallet at ease. We offer cash back rebates to some of the most attractive brands within the retail market. Our promotional offers are diverse and range from savings on a rent-a-car, to receiving a rebate for flowers. Whatever your needs may be, there’s a pretty good chance TeddyCan has a cash-back rebate for it.

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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin as You Age

You’ve been told it your whole life: wear some sunscreen! Shielding your skin from harmful UV rays is the highest priority, however, there are other important steps you should be taking to protect your skin.

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Health Comes First

dreamstime_xl_15726474 - Copy - CopyTeddyCan takes pride in all of our the health-related resources. We offer a variety of cash-back rebates to an extensive amount of various health-related tests. All testing is done through QuickLabWork, and above all else are affordable. Not only are the prices of these tests inexpensive, but health insurance is not a requirement. These are simple procedures that do not require a doctor’s order, and can also be ordered right online! Your test results will remain confidential, and when using TeddyCan, so will your searches.

Here’s a sample of some of our latest health tests:

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Solutions for Osteoporosis: From Mainstream Medicine to Chinese Herbal Cures

Bone mass inevitably decreases as we age, making us more susceptible to bone fractures and back pain. This is a condition known as osteoporosis, which over 10 million americans struggle with. Women are much more likely to develop osteoporosis, and having a family history also increases your likelihood. One of the biggest factors in this condition is lies in how much bone mass you had to begin with, which usually reaches its peak in your early twenties. Other risk factors include: lack of calcium and vitamin c, a high sodium intake, smoking, and an inactive lifestyle.


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Intestinal Microbiota: How Your Health Depends on Microbes

Our bodies require a healthy amount of microflora to run smoothly. This healthy bacteria is essential in digestion, nutrient absorption, mental health, and energy levels. Without a substantial amount of good bacteria, destructive bacteria flourishes and wrecks havoc on our health.

The bacterial balance in our gut can get out of whack for a few reasons: using antibiotics, consuming too much sugar or processed foods, stress, and lack of sleep. Most people don’t even realize their gut is out of balance until it is too late.

Here are some ways to ensure your gut is in good shape:

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The Link Between Depression and Coronary Heart Disease

Does being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder put us at risk for developing cardiovascular disease?

Recent clinical studies have shown that there is in fact a correlation between Major Depressive Disorder and Coronary Heart Disease. Those that have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder are at a much higher risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease, accompanied by a higher mortality rate. Research has shown that 15-20% of those who experience a myocardial infarction met the criteria for having Major Depressive Disorder.

The tricky part lies in determining if one condition is a primary trigger for the other.

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Is Candida Silently Destroying Your Health?

Candida is a fungus that lives in your digestive tract, and in small amounts, does a good job of absorbing essential nutrients. Also known as yeast, candida is found in an abundance of foods we consume, such as bread, beer, wine, pretzels, and cakes.

An overgrowth of candida can have extremely insidious effects on our health that most people are completely unaware of. In fact, the symptoms of candida overgrowth mimic symptoms of other common illnesses like depression, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome. If left untreated, candida can wreak havoc on our immune systems, gastrointestinal system, and our mental health.

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The Meatless Monday Phenomenon

Not Another Health Fad…

In the midst of what seems to be endless health food trends, there is one movement that stands out above all others that you should stop to consider. Meatless Monday is an idea that originated in the U.S as a way to aid the war effort in World War I and II. In 2003, health advocate Sid Lerner reintroduced the idea as a campaign for public health awareness.cows-cow-203460_1920

Meatless Monday slogan, “one day a week, cut out meat,” has become a global practice that is simple to follow and has proven health benefits. Intrigued? You should be.

The average American now consumes up to 75 pounds of meat or more than previous generations. This excessive consumption of meat is linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Not only does abstaining from meat for one day a week lower your risk of these
diseases, but also benefits our global environment and the cost of your food.

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Get That Kitchen Ready


Everyone knows that cooking is not always the easiest task, and can oftentimes be perceived as more of a chore instead of an enjoyable activity. However who’s to say this has to be the case? Here at TeddyCan we are offering an assortment of deals that have the possibility of making your kitchen the most efficient and effective it can possibly be.

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