Preventing Type 2 Diabetes at Home

If you have read our post on the basics of Type 2 Diabetes, than you are familiar with the risk factors and complications that can occur from this common disease. The most promising aspect of Type 2 Diabetes is that is entirely preventable.

Preventing diabetes is easy!

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Teddy’s Deals, Deals, Deals!!!

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Here at TeddyCan we take pride in our various promotional rebates and offers, because after all, we are a research engine that shares profits. We provide our users with cash back rebates to some of the most prominent and distinct brands within the market. Not only do we provide useful and effective cash back rewards, but we provide practical ones as well. Be sure to visit TeddyCanShop and discover just exactly what we are offering our visitors!

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College Graduation Help

TeddyCan has 3 divisions: Medical, Shopping, and Education.

College Tutoring and Homework Help

We believe in helping students achieve their goals through tutoring and homework help. Statistics say that only 50% of college students graduate but here, at TeddyCan & Tutor Teddy, we believe we can change those statistics.

Our goal is to increase the graduation rate to 75% by 2025.

We are reaching that goal by offering FREE homework help for the first use and by offering an extra 25% off your next time when you sign up through