Solutions for Osteoporosis: From Mainstream Medicine to Chinese Herbal Cures

Bone mass inevitably decreases as we age, making us more susceptible to bone fractures and back pain. This is a condition known as osteoporosis, which over 10 million americans struggle with. Women are much more likely to develop osteoporosis, and having a family history also increases your likelihood. One of the biggest factors in this condition is lies in how much bone mass you had to begin with, which usually reaches its peak in your early twenties. Other risk factors include: lack of calcium and vitamin c, a high sodium intake, smoking, and an inactive lifestyle.


Conventional Treatment

Common treatment of osteoporosis typically involves one of two medications: Alendronate, or Risedronate. Another method is hormone treatment, as osteoporosis is closely related with low levels of estrogen. However, this is less commonly used because it increases the risk of cancer and heart attacks.

Chinese herbal cures

Research on the Effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Cures

The traditions of chinese medicine are deeply rooted in healing and balancing energy in the body through natural resources. A study found that these natural methods are, in fact, effective at increasing the bone mass density in the lumbar spine. Strangely enough, these natural cures aim to strengthen the kidney, which is believed to be tied closely to bone heath.

The herbs proven to be effective at treating osteoporosis include: ginger, cassia bark, oyster shell, and Chinese taxillus herb.

Though it is not recommended to use these natural cures solely for treatment, they are a great supplement for osteoporosis treatment among other bone conditions.

For further information on osteoporosis, consult our deep search tool for a variety of excellent sources.

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