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TeddyCan.com is a deep reSearch engine sharing profits with you, keeping your searched text  private. We help you to search, shop, share and learn. Did I tell you we do not track, and your searched topics do not follow you around the web? Yes, try us out today!


TeddyCan was created with three unique users in mind:

Medical Search and Savings

So often when you have a medical question, you go to a search engine and enter in your question. For example, “How do I know if I have allergies?” And this search will return EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. Those results are showing up basically because those sites have money to create a buzz. That’s not the case at TeddyCan.com. We bring you the results that are good irrespective of their social media buzz or marketing budget.

Shopping Rewards and Savings

We don’t stop with giving you the REAL unbiased results. We take it a step further. We also provide you with providers of tests and products that offer a discount to you. When you click on those deals you save a %, sometimes as high as 25%, on those items!

Educational Assistance

A division of TeddyCan is Tutor Teddy. Tutor Teddy offers help to college students on a variety of subjects. In today’s world 50% of college students never graduate. We at Tutor Teddy offer the tools to help students succeed. And the best part is we let you try it for FREE first!

It is our goal to offer you the best results for your search, not results that are driven by advertising or sponsors.

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